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Dubai Travel Guide

This Dubai travel guide originated from our pure passion for the emirate. On our first visit to Dubai we went looking for information about the emirate. We soon saw that most websites had incorrect information and were also littered with a mass of advertising, we thought this could be different!

At the end of 2019 we started our own Dubai travel guide under the name of Dubai Junkies. Our intention is not to make thousands of articles per year, but articles that are provided with just the right information! Less is more!

Dubai travel guide made by pure passion for the emirate!

Have you noticed the lack of ads here? We’ve put this guide together fueled by our love for Dubai, just as a hobby. We’re keeping the site ad-free, but running it (hosting, domains, etc.) comes with costs.

To cover these, we hope you’ll consider using the links on our site for your bookings. It gives us a small commission, helping us keep this awesome travel guide alive. Thanks for checking out our Dubai guide!

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