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Last update: januari 22, 2021

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About the Pavilion of Portugal at the World Exhibition

Portugal is known for its sun-drenched sandy beaches, beautiful nature, great cuisine and of course also for its delicious port. At Dubai Expo 2020 you can also learn a lot more about Portuguese culture and how the country is reaching out to build new technologies together.
Portugal pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020
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Dubai Expo 2020

From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

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Architecture & theme of the pavilion

Architecture and theme

The Portugal Pavilion at Dubai 2020 was designed by the Portuguese architectural firm Casais Group. At the top of this pavilion you will find a beautiful terrace where tourists and visitors can drink a nice cup of coffee.

The theme of the pavilion revolves around connections worldwide. Portugal assumes that the entire world is 1 large country in order to bring out the positive aspects of growing globalization. It reveals an ecosystem of great opportunities and reflects the culture of innovation and creativity.

Innovatio Icon 8800163e


In this pavilion you can find out more about collaborations between countries to bring about innovation and thus develop new technologies within aerospace, but also within entrepreneurship, culture, science and tourism.

District Icon ed523265


The Pavilion of Portugal is located in the Sustainability district. This district is all about looking for opportunities to grow while still taking the world around us into account.

About Portugal

Prides of Portugal

With its beautiful sandy beaches and historic villages, Portugal is a favorite tourist attraction.

Porto in Portugal b537b5f5


One of Portugal’s most famous exports is Porto. This fortified wine is made in and around the Portuguese capital Porto.

Ronaldo Portugal Football fffd45eb


We also know Portugal because this country has produced a lot of famous football players. Just think of Ronaldo.

Portugal Rooster 1e740b4a


Finally, the rooster is the unofficial symbol of Portugal thanks to a legend about a rooster and a prisoner.

Portugal map

Statistics about Portugal

  • Surface:
    92,226 km2 (35,609 sq mi)
  • Capital:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
    Euro (EUR)
  • Official languages:

Where is Portugal located

Portugal is located in the Iberian peninsula which is present in the southwest corner of Europe. On the west and south sides it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, while on the north and east sides it is bounded by Spain.

Portugal Pin 561bff89

Photos & videos of the pavilion of Portugal

Photos of the pavilion of Portugal

Videos of the pavilion of Portugal

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Dubai Expo 2020 tickets

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Currently, ticket sales have been paused due to the COVID-19 virus that has impacted the entire world and certainly travel. But don’t worry. The new dates (October 10, 2021 to March 31, 2021) for the Dubai Expo 2020 have already been set and ticket sales will resume shortly.

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