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Planning a trip to Dubai? Dubai Junkies is the most comprehensive online travel guide where you can learn everything about this world famous destination!

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This Dubai travel guide was born out of our sheer passion for the emirate. During our first visit to Dubai, we searched for information about the emirate and found that most websites contained inaccurate information and were filled with a plethora of advertisements. We believed that this could be done differently!

At the end of 2019, we launched our own Dubai travel guide under the name of Dubai Junkies. Our goal is not to produce thousands of articles per year, but rather articles that provide just the right information – less is more!

We only allow advertising that is directly related to Dubai. This allows you to book tickets, hotels, or flights through our website. We earn a small commission on these bookings, which we are very grateful for and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. These revenues help us finance our server, additional tours, hotel visits, flights, and more, all of which contribute to creating engaging articles. If you want to learn more about us and the origin of Dubai Junkies, visit our about us page.

Get ready for the best, most comprehensive, and above all, the greatest travel guide for Dubai!

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Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

All information about the Expo 2020 world exhibition in Dubai. How do you get tickets and what do they cost? What is the opening date? Which countries participate? What transport is there to the Expo?

Really all information including details about the 192 countries participating in the world exhibition.

Dubai Global Village

Global Village Dubai, everything you need to know, the complete guide!

What do you need to know when visiting the largest multicultural festival park in the region, Dubai Global Village?

Where is Global Village? What does a ticket cost? How can you achieve the best Global Village? You will find all the questions about this annual festival in this article.

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