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What is the Museum of the Future

Dubai Frame

Eye-shaped building

When you visit Dubai you can hardly ignore it, the 78 meter high eye-shaped building, the Museum of the Future.

The new museum is located in the Trade Center 2 district on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road motorway and in the shadow of the Emirates Towers. With this new building, currently under construction, the Dubai skyline will just be a little more futuristic.

The Museum of the Future is a project of the Dubai Future Foundation and was designed by the architectural firm Killa Design, which is also known for various other skyscrapers in the Middle East.

The eye shaped
in Dubai

The construction of the Museum of the Future

It was a huge challenge to be able to realize this project in reality. This is mainly due to the round shape of the building, outside the concrete column inside, there is virtually no justice to the museum. It was therefore quite a job for the architectural firm Killa Design to be able to make the 3D drawings.

The frame of the museum consists of more than 1,000 different steel elements that form the entire skeleton of the building.

On the outside, the Museum of the Future is completely covered with steel panels where Arabic texts are cut out. These calligraphic texts serve as a framework and therefore light source for the building. The panels are also delivered ready-made in advance. This means that in every panel the structure, the windows, the insulation and the waterproofing are applied in advance. This is a method of facade cladding that has never been used before.

What to see in the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future will serve as an international hub for important inventions of the future. This way you will not be able to find the latest high-tech gadgets, but rather the bigger challenges for the future of the planet.

With topics such as well-being, climate and space travel, the museum will bring this progress closer to people. You can also regularly admire workshops and exhibitions of the latest inventions.

Where is the museum of the Future

The Museum is located in the Trade Center 2 district between the Sheikh Zayed Road motorway and the famous Emirates Towers. Incidentally, the museum is central to three major attractions in Dubai.

There is the Dubai Frame, the famous Burj Khalifa and the lively La Mer Beach each 2.5 km away from the Museum of the Future.

How do you get to the Museum of the Future

Metro To Museum of the Future

By Metro

There are 2 metro stations on the Red Line that are close to the Museum of the Future. The best thing to do is get off at Emirates Towers station, from there you have to walk about 300 meters. If you get off at the World Trade Center metro station you can count on a 700 meter walk to the Museum of the Future.

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Bus To Museum of the Future

By Bus

By bus it is best to get off at the Duran Tower stop. From there you are 100 meters in a nutshell from the museum. Due to the motorway you are required to cross the busy Sheikh Zayed Road via the footbridge of the Emirates Towers metro station.

With this detour you can count on a walking distance of around 700 meters. The bus lines that stop at the Duran Tower bus stop are 21, 98E, F11 and F28.

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Taxi To Museum of the Future

By Taxi

With the Dubai taxi from the RTA you come to the entrance of the museum. You can also easily park your car in the numerous parking spaces under the bridge where the metro runs.

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Contact Museum of the Future

When the contact information of Museum of the Future is known, you will be able to find it here.

Faq & conclusion

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



At the end of 2022 we will visit and explore the museum ourselves, shortly thereafter you will find our full conclusion and assessment here.

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