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Last update: januari 12, 2021


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The most
beautiful framework
in the world

What is Dubai Frame?

Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame is a sight that is located in the Zabeel Park short against the Sheikh Zayed Road.

With a height of 150 meters you can see the gold-colored frame from far away. The two legs of the frame contain no less than 9,900 cubic meters of concrete. These 2 legs are connected by the Sky Deck, a bridge mainly made of glass and steel.

This bridge has a glass section on both sides over the entire length. The Sky Deck also has a partial glass floor. To get to the top you are on the road for about 75 seconds with the lift.

It has a height of 150 meters and that is comparable to a residential tower of 48 floors.

More than 15,000 square meters of gold-colored stainless steel panels provide the beautiful view. The rings on the panels refer to the Dubai Expo 2020 logo.

Construction of Dubai Frame


The construction of the Dubai Frame was started in 2013 after the design of the architect, Fernando Donis, was approved. Government agency Dubai Municipality ensured that the giant Dubai Frame opened its doors on January 1, 2018.

Dubai Frame project had a price tag of AED 230 million ($ 62.5 million).

What can you expect from the Dubai Frame?

Zabeel Parking Gate 4


We drove from Downtown Dubai by taxi to the immense setting.

The taxi dropped us off at parking C of the Zabeel Park. This place is ideal and close to Gate 4 which is also the entrance for the Dubai Frame.

At the entrance we could immediately find the gold circular logo of Dubai Expo 2020.

After a small check through the security, we were immediately allowed to continue with our online tickets from

Upon entering you will find a large complex with domes. This is the Dubai Stargate amusement park that has been closed for several years.

Smoothie Bar

Along the beautifully manicured walking path towards the entrance we found a cozy bar where we then ordered a delicious smoothie.

We enjoyed our smoothie on the terrace of the bar and this overlooking the giant Dubai Frame.

From here we immediately saw how large the construction is.

Here you could also see the lift in operation here through the glass panels on the side of the Frame.

Smoothie Bar terrace
Dubai Frame Entrance 4238b6ad

Entrance to Dubai Frame

After our delicious smoothie we proceeded to the entrance of the frame that can be found in the middle of the structure.

The walking path is right next to the building. We immediately noticed the cleanliness of the golden steel. We immediately wondered, who is cleaning this! You can really mirror yourself in it.

Once at the entrance the women must enter the left and the men the right. A security check is then carried out.

It is also good to know that you are not allowed to take backpacks or large items upstairs. This for two reasons, the capacity of the lift and as safety. But no worries, you can leave everything safely at the counter.

Gallery about the history of Dubai

After putting our backpack away at the counter, it was high time to start what we came for, explore and admire the Dubai Frame. Before we took the elevator we first had to go through a gallery. This small exhibition tells you more about the history of Dubai. It is not that big but nice to take with you.

Old Gallery Dubai Frame
Old Gallery Dubai Frame
Old Gallery Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame Sky Deck

Dubai Frame Sky Deck

After a short history lesson about Dubai, the elevator came into view.

However, if you have claustrophobia, you have to hold on for a good minute. The elevator is being filled properly.

If you want a good view, it is best to wait for the next lift, so you will be the first to stand in line and choose the best place in the lift.

About a minute later we arrived at the top of the Sky Deck. Immediately upon getting out of the elevator we saw the 93 meter long glass bridge in front of us.

On the right we could see the new Dubai including the Burj Khalifa. The left side gave us a view of the older part of Dubai like Deira.

150 meters above the ground!

The glass bridge

What we have been looking forward to for a long time, walk over the glass at 150 meters above the ground!

We immediately noticed that the glass panels were not transparent. They become transparent when you walk over them, a nice piece of technology.

These glass panels are interrupted in the middle of the Sky Deck by a coffee bar with a souvenir shop. Enjoying a coffee at this height was something we liked.

Over the entire length you can find different information signs on the left and right that tell you more about both old and new Dubai.

We also noticed the LED tiles on the ceiling. These are attached over the entire length of the bridge and change color gently.

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Dubai Frame 1000px 7 2c02f4c3

Gallery about the future of Dubai

After an hour of enjoying the view, we headed for the elevator. The lift to go back down is on the other side of the frame, so each leg has its own lift.

Once we were down we came through the Future Gallery of the Dubai Frame. Just like the old gallery, this is not that big. At the end of this gallery you can watch a 360 degree video of what Dubai should become in the future. Here all people immediately passed by, we gave it a chance.

We have to say it was worth it. It is best to wait until the start of the show, so that you also understand where it is going.

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Future Gallery Dubai Frame 2 d09fe15e
Future Gallery Dubai Frame 1 fdf9eea8
Dubai Frame Lobby 2 18c8aeaa

End of the tour through the frame

Once at the exit of the Future Gallery you will arrive back in the lobby where you can find a small exhibition about the construction of the framework.

The special rotating artwork above the entrance is immediately noticeable. Then we arrived in a large souvenir shop where you can find all kinds of merchandising with the Dubai Frame on.

When we left the souvenir shop, we were able to enjoy the wonderful sun on the grass in the park against the frame.

Where is the Dubai Frame?

Dubai frame is located in Zabeel Park gate 4 at Dubai. It’s bordered by Sheikh Rashid Road to the north, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road to the north-west and Sheikh Zayed Road to the south.

How do you get to the Dubai Frame?

Dubai Taxi

By Taxi

Dubai Frame is very easy to reach by taxi. Tell the driver that you want to go to Dubai Frame or Zabeel Parking C.

Would you like to know more about taxis in Dubai?

Dubai Metro

By Metro

The metro Red Line takes you up to 1.5 km from the Dubai Frame. There are two metro stations that are about the same distance from the frame.

The easiest way is to get off at Al Jafiliya (21) but also the ADCB (20) metro station is nearby.

From the metro station you can choose to walk the part or you can opt for a short taxi ride.

Want to know more about the driverless metro in Dubai?

Dubai Bus

By Bus

There is a bus stop right at the entrance of Dubai Frame. This bus F09 runs between Al Jafiliya MS and Al Wasl Park.

Looking for more information about the Dubai buses?

Contact information Dubai Frame

All contact details and social media channels of the Dubai Frame.

Address & opening hours

  • Dubai frame is located in Zabeel Park gate 4.
  • The frame is open all year round, including weekends and public holidays. Visit timing may vary during the holy month of Ramadan, holidays and public holidays. Opening hours from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm.

Faq & conclusion

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is Dubai Frame worth visiting?

In our opinion, a visit to Dubai Frame is definitely worth it.

How tall is it?

At the top of the Sky Deck you are 150 meters from the ground.

How much cost a ticket?

An ordinary ticket for Dubai Frame is not that expensive, you can buy it for less than 20 dollars. The current ticket prices can be found at the top of this article.

Is Dubai Frame free for senior citizens?

No. Only for children under 3 years of age and people of determination with 2 companions.

Where to buy Dubai Frame tickets?

You can purchase tickets quickly, easily and safely through one of our partners, TiqetsGetYourGuide and Viator.

How to reach Dubai Frame by metro?

The easiest way is to get off at the Jafiliya metro station. Hence it is approximately 1.5 km of walking.



Dubai Frame is definitely worth a visit. Incidentally, it is not expensive to explore the most beautiful framework. We took 2 hours from the entrance to the exit. Our opinion, do it!