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France Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, everything you need to know!

Learn everything about the French pavilion during the Dubai Expo 2020.

What is the main purpose of the French pavilion? What does the France pavilion look like? In which district is the pavilion located?

French pavilion
at Dubai Expo 2020

Information about the France pavilion during Expo 2020

France pavilion during Dubai Expo 2020

Solar-powered art and a parallel universe

Titled ‘Light, Lights’, the pavilion’s theme explores light as an enabler of progress, a vehicle for connections and a source of heat and creativity.

It seeks to embody the Age of Enlightenment, the 18th century movement spearheaded by French intellectuals that emphasised concepts such as knowledge exchange and tolerance.

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The French pavilion is the emblem of French participation in the exhibition, a showcase for the economic and touristic attractiveness of our country, and a space offering an experience to all audiences, and it expresses France’s unique vision by combining an ambitious architectural project with immersive scenography.

This alliance has a dual objective, as it celebrates the French innovation model that enables sustainable development and business competitiveness to be combined at an international level.  

Perfect embodiment of the expression of mobility desired by France, this pavilion was designed according to one theme:   Light, Enlightenment.

Dubai Expo 2020
From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021

French characteristics

During the 1889 Expo, which was organized by France, the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris served as the entrance to the Expo. From then on, the 324-meter-high Eiffel Tower became the icon of France and still is today.

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Dubai Expo 2020

More info about Dubai Expo 2020

During the first weeks of the world exhibition, Dubai Junkies will go exploring at Dubai Expo 2020. We will take a week for this grand event to gather the best information from the most important pavilions, including that from Belgium.

You can also expect an extensive collection of photos and videos. For all information and tickets you can visit the Dubai Expo 2020 page on our website.


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About the pavilion


Light, Lights


Atelier du Prado Architectes and Celnikier & Grabli


Mobility District

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