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Austria Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, everything you need to know!

Learn everything about the Austrian pavilion during the Dubai Expo 2020.

What is the main purpose of the Austrian pavilion? What does the Austria pavilion look like? In which district is the pavilion located?

Austrian pavilion
at Dubai Expo 2020

Information about the Austrian pavilion during Expo 2020

Austrian Pavilion

A calm atmosphere to evoke creative solutions

Austria is a nation reimagining ideas. This is reflected in its decision to use a 9,000-year-old soil to build its pavilion, which comprises 47 truncated cones.

The structure will be ventilated through its innovative use of the cones, and will house exhibitions, workshops, installations and more. Visitors can take a trip to the Viennese coffeehouse and learn why the United Nations lists the institution as an ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

About the pavilion

Austrian facts

Austrian flag
  • Surface: 83,879 km2
  • Population: 8,987,130
  • Official languages: german
  • Capital: Vienna
Dubai Expo 2020

More info about Dubai Expo 2020

During the first weeks of the world exhibition, Dubai Junkies will go exploring at Dubai Expo 2020. We will take a week for this grand event to gather the best information from the most important pavilions, including that from Austria.

You can also expect an extensive collection of photos and videos. For all information and tickets you can visit the Dubai Expo 2020 page on our website.

The pride of Austria

Three-quarters of Austria is located in the Alps, a mountain range in Central Europe. An important source of income for Austria is therefore tourism, of all winter sports enthusiasts who go winter sports in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg. It is therefore very famous for skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding.

It is also known for their traditional horse and carriage rides. You can usually find this in the big cities such as Vienna and Salzburg.

The real pride of the country is the world famous composer Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The composer, pianist and conductor of classical music made more than 600 compositions. His best-known works include “Ein kleine Nachtmusik” & “Piano Sonato 8”.

Austria is also known for their delicious schnitzels. This is veal with a crispy crust on it.


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Opportunity District
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Dubai Expo 2020
From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021

Photos and videos of the Austrian pavilion

Visit the official Dubai Expo 2020 website.

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