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About Dubai

Dubai Burj Khalifa
Read more Your company here? Dubai Junkies was created by pure passion for the emirate. We only allow advertising to our website in very limited sizes. Contact us for more information. Table of contents Is Dubai a country? Who rules Dubai? ...

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Weather and climate in Dubai

Weather and climate in Dubai A full article about the weather and climate of Dubai. What are the average temperatures in Dubai? How warm is the sea water? Does rain sometimes fall in Dubai? When is the sunrise and sunset? Which is the best time to visit Dubai? Are there any sandstorms in...

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Security and crime in Dubai

Security and crime in Dubai Is Dubai a safe destination? What crime do you encounter? What is the chance of a terrorist attack? All questions about security and crime in Dubai are addressed here. Quick menu Is it safe in Dubai? Read more Possible security risks Read more Is it safe...

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Dubai laws and rules

Dubai Laws and rules Dubai and the other UAE Emirates are known to have some unusual rules, laws and regulations. If you are going to Dubai soon, be sure to read this article so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Quick menu Laws & regulations Read more Important rules Read...

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Customs in Dubai

Customs in Dubai Are customs strict in Dubai? What can you bring to Dubai? How much cash can I take with me? What is and is not allowed when you go on holiday to Dubai? Get an answer to all Dubai customs questions. Quick menu Are customs strict? Read more Zero tolerance drugs Read...

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