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Smoking and vaping in Dubai, what are the rules?

Where can you smoke anywhere in Dubai and is the use of vapers allowed? How to take vapers on the plane?

All info about smoking in Dubai.

smoking rules
in Dubai

Can you smoke in Dubai?

When you arrive at Dubai International Airport you will soon notice that smoking products are offered in numerous tax-free shops at the airport. Smoking in Dubai is therefore allowed but has some limitations. You will see that it is extremely clean and tidy in the city.

Public places such as the Burj Khalifa and other attractions are extremely well maintained, you really can’t find any dirt. In such places there are rules that you must respect.

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Smoking at sights in Dubai

Dubai has a considerable number of sights such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Miracle Garden to name but a few. It is not allowed to smoke in the sights themselves, which seems a little logical to us.

It is permitted to smoke outside in specially equipped areas. For example, you may smoke in the square at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

Ashtrays are provided at various locations. It is intended that you only smoke in those places and do not go from one ashtray to another while walking. You will see that it is very neat, it is therefore appropriate to respect these rules

Smoking on the street in Dubai

Smoking on the street in Dubai is not really forbidden, but keep in mind that you don’t throw any ash or cigarette on the floor.

This is really not done in Dubai.

Smoking in hotels

When you check in at the hotel you usually have the choice to take a room where you can smoke. Smoking is not permitted in the hotels themselves. There are exceptions to the swimming pool or terrace.

At most hotels there is always a smoking zone near the entrance, here it is also the intention to smoke your cigarette in this place.

Smoking in shopping centers

Smoking is prohibited in almost all shopping centers. In most shopping centers such as The Dubai Mall, it is possible to smoke at any exit.

Usually a place is provided at each exit to enjoy your cigarette.

Can you smoke in Dubai?

E-cigarette and vaping in Dubai

Since February 2019, the sale of vapers and liquids has been permitted for this in Dubai. The vaping or use of an electronic cigarette has since been permitted. However, you must bear in mind that the use of vapers is equated with cigarette smoking.

Vaping is only allowed in places where you can smoke.

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Vaper or electronic cigarette on the plane

Vapers and e-cigarettes are in most cases allowed on board your flight. For example, it is permitted at Emirates to take electronic cigarettes on the flight. It is only permitted to take a vaper as hand luggage and not as checked baggage.

You are also obliged to turn off the electronic cigarette completely and pack each battery separately in a safe pouch. Liquids or e-liquids are not allowed in hand baggage. These are only permitted in checked baggage like most liquids.

It is best to pack the e-liquids in a plastic bag.

More information about what you can take with you in your hand luggage or checked baggage at Emirates.

E-cigarette and vaping in Dubai