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RTA Launches New Small Nol Card at Gitex 2020 And Has Plans with AI Technology

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Dubai is known to have one of the best roads and transportation systems around the world. Their public transport outlets are used by thousands of people daily as a form of commute to and from work. And they have made their public transport even more convenient and advanced with the introduction of smaller and smarter Nol cards.

The announcement and unveiling took place at Gitex Technology Week 2020 and it has people excited about the future of public transport in Dubai. The hype is very much real as the new Nol cards are a step in the right direction moving into the future.

What’s So Special About the New Nol Card?

Well, the first thing that you will notice when you see the new Nol card is that it is the size of a key holder. In fact, it can even act as a key holder. That’s convenient. Right?

Dubai public transportation which includes the metro and the buses is a service that is extremely important to the locals, as well as the tourists, who visit Dubai. The new Nol card is a better and more convenient way to experience the public transportation system in Dubai. If you are a tourist, it can also act as a souvenir for you from your trip.

What is Nol Card & where you can use it?

If you are unaware of what a Nol card is then let us give you a crash course. The word Nol translates to “fare” in the Arabic language. So, the Nol card is basically your payment method for using the public transportation system of Dubai.

Nol Silver Card
Silver Nol Card

While paying for your transport might be the primary purpose of the Nol card it has some other very useful functions as well such as you can use it to pay for your utility bills, you can use the card for paying for groceries at the supermarket, it can serve as the payment method for meals at restaurants, you can use it to pay your entry fee for museums and art exhibitions.

In short, it is like your credit card but smaller and more convenient in many ways. The Nol card is a revolutionary all in one transport card that can take care of everything for you. It is a great way to travel around Dubai.

New implementations of AI technology?

During the Gitex Technology Week 2020, the Roads Transport Authority (RTA) also announced the launch of several smart programs that will use AI technology to make sure that all drivers on the road are in compliance with the law.

This also includes AI checks for precautionary measures set in place due to COVID-19. This implementation of AI will help make the RTA more automated and will help them decide the best routes for busses and identify congested spots on the route map.

Gitex Technology Week 2020 has been the bearer of good news for the public transportation system of Dubai.