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Last update: januari 10, 2021

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About the Pavilion of China at the World Exhibition

Here you will find out everything to expect from the China Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020.
China pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020
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Dubai Expo 2020

From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

Countdown to Dubai Expo 2020!

Architecture & theme of the pavilion

Architecture and theme

Designed by Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Limited, the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 is on the theme of building a shared future for humanity.

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In the Chinese Pavilion, which is also the largest pavilion at Dubai 2020, you will be able to see installations that represent the future where Western and Chinese cultures can work together to create a better future for humanity. You can also learn more about Chinese culture and how they integrate technology into their society.

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The Chinese Pavilion is located in the Opportunity district. This district is all about working together between countries and cultures and exploiting the human potential to positively influence the future.

About China

Prides of China

For many of us, China is the land of Beijing Duck and the Great Wall of China, yet this country has so much more to offer. Read more about China here!

admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=%7B%22file%22%3A%22wp content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F01%2FThe Great Wall in China

the Great Wall

When most people think of China, they naturally think of the Great Wall of China, one of the 7 wonders of the world!

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Forbidden City

In addition, you can also visit the Forbidden City in China, a large palace where the emperor lived.

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China is also known for Silk, this fabric, made from the fibers of the cocoon of the silkworm, is woven in China.

China map

Statistics about China

  • Surface:
    9,596,961 km2 (3,705,407 sq mi)
  • Capital:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
    CNY (Yuan), HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), Mop (Macau)
  • Official languages:
    Chinese, Mongolian, Uyghur, Tibetan, Zhuang, various others

Where is China located

China is located in Asia and borders Russia, Thailand, Mongolia, North Korea, Nepal and India. China is one of the largest countries in the world and has the largest population in the world.

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Photos & videos of the pavilion of China

Photos of the pavilion of China

Videos of the pavilion of China

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Buy tickets for Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 tickets

How and where to buy tickets for Dubai Expo 2020?

Currently, ticket sales have been paused due to the COVID-19 virus that has impacted the entire world and certainly travel. But don’t worry. The new dates (October 10, 2021 to March 31, 2021) for the Dubai Expo 2020 have already been set and ticket sales will resume shortly.

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